Life In-spite Vascular disease: Engagement and Outreach Network

Our Mission

LIVE ON salutes the resilience and courage of all those who have lived through the onslaught of life-threatening and chronic vascular (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, aortic, peripheral vascular) diseases.  Finding the inspiration from these real-life heroes, LIVE ON initiatives are directed towards encouraging those who are presently struggling to adjust and find a balance in life, to live on in-spite of the pain and adversities that you will endure throughout your life after the diagnosis of these life-altering conditions. Not only does LIVE ON intend to provide a source of light and inspiration on the seemingly dark and difficult (and oftentimes lonely) path to recovery through an outreach and support network of patients and caretakers of those suffering from vascular or aortic diseases; it also aims at providing you with opportunities to enable learning about the chronicity and management of your illness through a unified patient (and caregiver) centered platform for education, engagement, and related resources and programs to empower you to reclaim a satisfying quality of life.

Come, join the team and seek out support-groups and programs comprised of inspirational individuals that are not letting the hardships in managing their aortic and vascular health defeat them, and could help you navigate your life through the obstacles that you might encounter in your life after vascular diseases and show how to LIVE ON……


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Our Impact

LIVE ON Foundation, in its infancy year, has gained momentum through the influence, passion, and determination of the regional community of Houston.  Between patients, family, friends, community members, medical professionals, and researchers, the effort to combat vascular disease has never been more of a priority.  The LIVE ON Foundation is determined to provide a glimmer of a future; a glimmer of assurance; a glimmer of hope.  The hope assuring that life does go ON before, during and after suffering from vascular disease.



people die from cardiovascular disease each year  - that’s twice the number of cancer deaths


of all deaths in women is due to cardiovascular disease



  • 10% RECOVER

  • 30% WILL DIE




As technology continues to advance at a sonic speed pace, LIVE ON is determined to utilize modern technology that is accessible to patients, to properly communicate all that is associated with  life with cardiovascular disease.


Our research time is tirelessly working on inovative ways to combat cardiovascular disease. 


By ensuring that clinical professionals are properly and clearly conveying diagnosis, treatment, and recovery information to the patient and their family, we are building awareness, and education about vascular disease to the collective community.  By creating this ripple effect of spreading knowledge and facts about vascular disease, we will be able to make a larger impact on ways we fight the disease.  


By creating a network of patients and their family, friends and caretakers, we are reaffirming the statement that you are not alone.  Vascular disease has a detrimental effect on patients, but also directly impacts the patient's loved ones.