1st Annual CV strong 5k

The LIVE ON team is excited and proud to have been able to plan and successfully execute the inaugural LIVE ON CV Strong 5K event held on the morning of September 8th, 2018 at United Way of Greater Houston.  The CV Strong 5K was a huge success raising over $5,000 in the inaugural efforts. LIVE ON has gained momentum through the influence, passion, and determination of the regional community of Houston. Read more here.

Photo by  Erika Kwee

Photo by Erika Kwee


Jessica’s story

Jessica Tramaglini had long known of her heart condition – a malformed aortic valve at birth that did not open completely, causing a blockage to blood flow known as aortic stenosis. Through continuous monitoring and annual check-ups, she had been able to manage her condition.  Read more here.

Live on cv strong 5k! Coming September 8th, 2018