Life In-spite Vascular disease: Engagement and Outreach Network

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to redefine life after aortic or vascular disease by also engaging those patients and their caretakers who have independently endured the challenges of life after cardiovascular and aortic diagnosis to be involved in our cause. Their courage and zest for living a full life is inspiring and we hope to bring their rich life experience to encourage those who are still struggling to adjust to the new aspects of their life since their treatment or diagnosis of aortic or cardiovascular diseases. Through the collective strength of our members and true empathy and compassion of our patient and independent partners, we will:

  • Advocate awareness among community of need for lifelong monitoring and surveillance following aortic and cardiovascular diseases
  • Create a support network for aortic and cardiovascular patients in ways that foster community
  • Support scholarly and training in programs dedicated to improve quality of life and rehabilitation following these diseases
  • Provide our members with resources and advice
  • Transform the present state of patient engagement and information dissemination

"The LIVE ON team is working on the front lines dedicated to turn compassion into action.."

— Miss Peggy Johnson, LIVE ON Supporter

Our Impact

LIVE ON Foundation, in its infancy year, has gained momentum through the influence, passion, and determination of patients, family, friends, community members, medical professionals, and researchers who have been affected by the devastations caused by vascular disease.  When hope seems to dissipate, the LIVE ON Foundation is determined to provide a glimmer of a future; a glimmer of assurance; a glimmer of hope.  The aspiration of a future and knowledge that life does go ON.  Patients and their families can LIVE ON before, during and after vascular disease.