Our Team

Our team comprises of a collaborative conglomeration of kindred spirits and likeminded clinical-research scientists and healthcare providers who are sympathetic to the need and significance of the quality of care provided and life of patients after discharge from hospital or clinic. LIVE-ON’s founders and partners include faculty members at The University of Texas McGovern Medical School Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, to community members spanning locally and internationally, as well as past patients and their family members. LIVE ON has been formulated with an emphasis of patients at its core. Our team is dedicated to find solutions through educational, research, and patient engagement programs in finding community and clinical interventions to reduce the burden of aortic and cardiovascular diseases, and to make the masses aware on how to live, lead, and build healthier communities.

- Our team here at LIVE ON, works hard to make sure that the public hears about the issues affecting those suffering from aortic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the incredible experiences of those who championed the hardships that exists on the road to recovery.
— Harleen Sandhu, MD, Director of Operations for LIVE ON Foundation